Sunday, July 31, 2011


it was a fun-filled weekend celebrating the boy's birthday. this year i decided to surprise him with tickets to different events all throughout the city. we went to LACMA today and had an amazing time. its mind blowing how inspiring the tim burton exhibition is. he truly has stayed true to himself and let his talents and creativity shine. i cant wait to embark on our upcoming events, but in the meantime i still have to find outfits and pack for my 6 day vegas getaway. procrastination is my middle name and i cant even think about vegas until my shoot tuesday. til then, i hope you all have an amazing monday! xoxo

forever 21 blouse, boutique lace shorts, santee alley glasses, balenciaga bag, js shoes, various bracelets and rings


  1. found you on chictopia! love your style! :) followed you on blogspot!! :)

  2. wow this outfit is so pretty and I exspecially love your lace shorts!