Sunday, August 14, 2011

cake pop tutorial

so my attempt at hello kitty cake pops failed miserably. probably because 1. i used triple chocolate fudge cake which showed through the white candy melt and 2. the edible ink pen i had didnt work properly, but i improvised and was still happy with the results.

so here's the cake pop tutorial i've been promising...i hope you guys try it out!

Things you will need

Cake-any kind of cake you prefer
Icing-any flavor you prefer
Lollipop sticks
Candy melt
Foam blocks

start by baking your cake and letting it cool. once the cake is cooled crumble it into a big bowl. mix in some icing slowly. this step is extremely important because you don't want the cake to be too dense and sweet, yet it has to be moist and have enough icing to stay together. i usually use about 3/4 of the can of icing for a 13x19 cake.

after you combine the cake and icing, lay some wax paper on a baking sheet. Start forming little round balls from the mixture. You should get about 24-30 balls depending on how big you make them. Chill the cake balls in the fridge for about 30 mins to an hour.

when you remove the cake pops from the fridge set them aside and prepare some melted candy melt in a small bowl. Be careful not to burn your candy melt. I usually heat mine up in 30 second intervals. Dip you lollipop stick in the melted candy melt and insert the stick halfway into the cake balls.

after you insert the lollipop sticks, use the candy melt as 'glue' and adhere two white chocolate chips to form the ears for hello kitty shape. if youre doing normal cake pops, this step is not necessary.

after the chips are adhered, melt the rest of the candy melt in the microwave (30 second intervals). dip the cake balls in the melted candy melt. try to make it a one swift dip and tap off the excess chocolate. while the candy melt is still wet, decorate with sprinkles as desired and stick in the foam blocks to dry.

viola! there you have it. yummy, delicious, super cute cake pops that are easy, but make an adorable statement. i hope you guys try it and enjoy! let me know how it goes. xoxo

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