Wednesday, September 15, 2010

defining fashion

fashion to me isn't always what's in style, the current trends, or the big, expensive brands. fashion is what you make of it. clothes that feel good, fit right and look great. i've always told my friends and clients that confidence and comfort are probably the two most important factors of fashion.

fashion is about self expression. if you love the way it looks, then rock it. wear it like you own it, your confidence will always shine through. who cares what others and their small, judging minds are thinking.

i am a firm believer in investing in expensive, timeless, pieces, but i also don't think that every single outfit should break the bank. being on my own since i was 18, i've had to improvise a lot to afford my shopping habits. all of a sudden it came down to paying rent or the gorgeous new pair of fall over the knee louboutin boots. decisions always had to be made. i would sit and calculate up to date how much i've spent on rent and what that calculated to in terms of chanel bags and louboutins. $49,200 just sayin'....but my independence is priceless i know, i know, so who's really keeping count.

it's pretty safe to say that over the years i've became a professional at finding bargain deals. rummaging through local boutiques to find that one special piece, at a fraction of the department store price, became my obsession. don't get me wrong, everytime i had a chunk of money to blow it definitely went to something fabulous and designer, but for the most part, my shopping fix was cured at these tiny, local stores. people would stop me in the streets and compliment my outfits and friends would ask me where i shop, affirmation that fashion and style don't always have to equal spending lots of $$$.

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