Thursday, September 30, 2010

sexy sexy

my last minute vegas getaway last weekend caused me to go on a blogging hiatus due to the fact that i am now in my mid-to-late twenties, can no longer party til odd hours of the night and definitely cannot function on 2 hours of sleep. prior to the mayhem as i was packing for my two day adventure, i got to thinking...what is appropriate to wear now that i am no longer 21?

some of the outfits i saw during my trip would make the fashion police cringe. i think that most women are under the impression that short hem lines and cleavage are the solution to vegas attire. i would beg to differ. to me, a sexy outfit is leaving something to the imagination. i love backless dresses and anything with lace. cutout or sheer panel dresses are also on the top of my list. i also think that showing off your legs are extremely sexy-maybe high waisted shorts and a nice bustier. here are some pieces that i think would look great!.

all dresses from ASOS

shorts from UO

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