Monday, October 11, 2010

dress up...for adults

halloween is fast approaching, which means it is down to the wire to find the perfect costume. its one of the best times of the year where we can dress up, be anyone we want to be, be creative and go all out. its an excuse for parties and for girls to vamp it up. is it just me, or do the costumes get skimpier and skimpier every year? keep it classy ladies...i want to venture out of the box and do something creative or unrecognizably scary, but i am pretty sure its going to turn out to be a mean girls, lindsay lohan type of situation. ultimately, i almost always sucumb to the "sexy" costume, but have been drawing a complete blank as to what i want to be this year. leg avenue has been the front runner for sexy costumes for as long as i can remember. this makes it extremely hard to be original since every other girl will be wearing an outfit from them. my goal is to make my own costume and be creative, i will keep you all updated. here are my costumes for the last few years, typically, all from leg avenue of course.

ive also compiled some pictures that i think will be popular trending costumes this year.
  • Jersey Shore-i wish i was kidding about this, but i am pretty sure we will be seeing a lot of fist pumping, overly tanned, wanna be guido and guidettes come october 31st
  •  Lady Gaga-i am okay with anything BUT the meat dress...barf

  • Katy Perry-her crazy, over the top style is bound to be replicated
  •  Avatar-soooooo awesome! if only i could pull this off...
  • Barack Obama-halloween wouldnt be complete without the token president mask

if you live in the orange county area check out these halloween night store locations for the best selection of costumes at affordable prices.

2053 westminster mall, ca 92683
24366 rockfield lake forest, ca 92630

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