Thursday, October 28, 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow

a few weeks ago, i paid a visit to salon sessions in old town pasadena to visit my cousin aka my amazing hair stylist, angela le. we use to be roommates, but ever since i moved out, my hair has been suffering...severely! it is no secret to everyone that knows me, that i have extremely fine, thin hair. ive tried everything from thickening shampoos to thickening sprays to volumizing gels and mousses. nothing worked. it wasnt until last year that angela finally convinced me to try extensions, assuring me to disregard all the negative notions that i had about them (painful, uncomfortable, uncleanliness etc.) fast forward to present day...i LOVE having extensions and literally dont know how i survived without them. although i dont always have them in my hair, i love it when i do. theyre super comfortable and give my hair the volume and fullness ive always wanted. they usually last about 3 months and since angela uses premium quality human hair, i am able to curl, tease and straighten my hair as much as i want.

i decided i wanted to share this experience with you all. the hair looks so natural and real that no one ever thinks twice. check out angela's website to see her extremely talented portfolio, not only is she an amazing hair stylist, she is a make-up artist as well and has worked on many weddings and photo shoots. we also worked on a tutorial for sexy beach waves that i will post soon!

the extensions tediously being put in

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