Thursday, October 21, 2010

on the fence

i thought that the UGG ship sailed a looong time ago, but apparently not. i was never a really big fan of UGG boots, aka FUGG boots as many have called it, especially living in southern california where women pair them with a pink juicy tracksuit and monogram speedy bag on a bright sunny day. i never quite understood it, until i had the UGG experience for myself. moving back to vancouver and walking to work for a year and a half, UGG boots saved my feet. they kept my feet comfortable and warm and i swore by them. so why do i have such mixed feelings about the limited edition jimmy choo capsule collection? maybe because i know this will be the start of many more cringe-worthy, fashion faux pas moments. i am so on the fence about this one...what do you guys think about the collection?

kaia $595
sora $695
sora in black $695
starlight $595
mandah $795
pictures via holt renfrew

check out the jimmy choo website to view the complete collection.

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  1. uggs are cool and so comfortable but these jimmy choo ones i think are way to much and pretty ugly and over priced