Thursday, November 25, 2010

holiday dress guide

with so many holiday festivities and new years just around the corner, its always hard to decide what to wear to all these fabulous parties. whether it be the company holiday party or a nice dinner with family and friends its always important to look and feel your best. so here is a holiday dress guide featuring all french connection dresses, which i LOVE, to help you dress accordingly for each occasion. french connection has the most beautiful dresses made with quality fabrics and intricate details at extremely reasonable prices.

ava $188, ribbon knit $168, dani $168, ava jersey $188, roma $158
carnival sequins $269.99, crepe $199.99, wahida $229.99, super sequins $299.99, gabriella $147.99
moon moire $169.99, samantha $298, silver forest $398, samantha $298, winter annie $168

1 comment:

  1. Loving the guide! Pick an occasion, pick a dress! I'm still in search for a NYE dress and the gabriella cocktail dress is in the running now! I also like the ribbon knit.