Wednesday, February 9, 2011

brian atwood the new louboutin?

ive been a loyal christian louboutin collector for some time now, but as of late, theres another shoe designer thats been catching my eye. introducing the new man in my life, mr. brian atwood. his sexy silouhettes and classy, yet modern shoes have stolen my heart. his sexy pumps have been sweeping red carpets, magazines, big screens and are a huge hit with the hollywood elite. move aside christian, theres a new man in town. although i will always love my louboutins and the signature red soles, i need me a pair of BA's...for research purposes of course.
classic black pumps+signature chanel quilting = my DREAM shoe, the Maniac Quilte
classic nude pump with a modern feminine twist = the Drama Patent Pump

1 comment:

  1. O M G! LOVEEEE the blk shoe! talk about amazing. i WANT!