Friday, March 4, 2011

reality check

anyone that says reality tv stars only have 15 minutes of fame, hasnt met the extremely beautiful and super talented jamie chung. i had the opportunity to assist the amazing lyndzi trang in styling the cover shoot for KoreAm magazing featuring jamie-who has not one, but two huge movies coming out. many of you may remember her from mtv's real world san diego circa 2004, but these days she has roles in sucker punch and the hangover 2. she was super sweet and a natural in front of the camera. we shot in the penthouse suite at the watermarke tower in downtown la. the building is adorned with the most extravagant decor, i felt like i was in my dream world. quilted purple walls, glamorous chandelliers, and oversized furniture...LOVE! here are a few behind the scenes photos of our fun-filled day playing dress up.

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