Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bank breaker vs bargain

often replicated, but never duplicated. no one does a quilted woven chain strap handbag quite like chanel. the amazing leather, the immaculate stitching, the subtle hardware, the classic structure, the timeless style, the iconic cc clasps, i could go on and on. clearly, i am obsessed with chanel handbags and could one day end up living on the street because of it. i have gotten so much wear out of my classic jumbo, i feel that breaking the bank is definitely worth it, but my skewed perceptions and justifications may not always be the same for everyone else. with today's economy and chanel's recent price increases, going for the bargain may be the smart, logical thing to do...right?

...and for the smart, logical people

mango $49.90 available in many different colors here
aldo $45.00 available here
marc jacobs $625 available at neiman marcus

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