Thursday, July 11, 2013

fancy pants

southern california has been suffering from severe dry heat lately so i trekked out to find some refuge in the cool shade. i wasn't always a fan of drop crotch "mc hammer" pants, but kickin' around some dirt in these bad boys were more comfortable then i couldve ever imagined. the best part about these pants are the price, but i will get to that a little later. the "leather", sweat pants style of the pants make them easy to dress up or down. i paired my look with a brocade crop top, simple gold chain and basic zara sandals.

so now, would you believe that they were only $10 dollars?! yes, believe it. for those of you who don't know about the Cooper Building in DTLA, you need to go asap! it's nestled in the corner of 9th and Los Angeles Ave. and houses over 100 designer showrooms. it gets even better, the brands have sample sales every last Friday of the month! one of my favorite sites for sample sale updates is Racked LA, you can always look up sample sales going on in your area. so that's how i was able to snag these, along with a handful of other items for a fraction of the retail price!


  1. So could i buy these pants online? whats the brand of them?

  2. Hi, unfortunately these Kensie pants were purchased from a sample sale. You can find similar ones if you google online. Good Luck!