Monday, September 23, 2013

Manicure Mondays: DIY Black & Gold Edgy Nails

happy manicure monday lovers! for those of you who may not know, one of my growing hobbies is dabbling with nail art in my spare time. i am no expert by any means, but i love experimenting, being creative and seeing what different looks i can create. one of the looks i've been dying to re-create was done by my brilliantly talented friend Staci Nguyen for Actress/Singer, Ashley Tisdale. i finally had some time this weekend to experiment and since i was thoroughly please with the outcome, i thought i'd post a quick tutorial on how i achieved the look.
the inspiration
*the gel machine i use is from uv nails, all items can be found at your local beauty supply store
you will need
loose gold glitter
clear gel
gel base coat
gel top coat
black gel color
gel cleaner or rubbing alcohol

so i started the process with the regular base prep. i cut and filed my nails into more of a claw like shape and gently buffed the top of my nails. after the base coat, i used a clear gel and finger by finger i sprinkled on loose gold glitter. i gently patted each finger and tapped off any excess to ensure the glitter was evenly distributed. once the glitter was cured, i used some cleaner and wiped away any excess glitter on the cuticles.  i then applied another clear gel coat to smooth out the nail.  

once the glitter set, i used a black gel polish and painted tips straight across. i free-handed this process as the claw shape makes it extremely fool proof. once cured, i topped the entire nail with some top coat and filed away any glitter on the sides of the nails. i wiped the nails with the cleaner again and voila!
 the re-creation

overall, the process was a tad messy, but none the less, fairly simple for such a fancy look. give it a try and let me know how it goes! below are a few of the other nail looks i've created in the past. feel free to leave requests for any other DIY nail tutorials you would like to see!

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