Monday, September 16, 2013

mixing frenzy

one of my favorite styling tricks is mixing up different trends. i love pairing unexpected fabrics or styles together for an unpredictable look. as many of you know, i also love to integrate highs and lows into my everyday wardrobe, nothing makes an outfit more than a fabulous pair of shoes or an iconic handbag! 

for my super lazy sunday outfit, i decided to pair these ridiculously comfortable camouflage jogger sweatpants, with a simple crop top. to incorporate something shiny for my mood, i chose my embellished zara sandals and my classic red chanel bag for a pop of color. best thing about the look? the outfit itself didn't cost more than $40! the street glam look of the day was a major success!

Outfit Details
Forever 21 Camouflage Jogger Pants
ASOS Crop Top
H&M Statement Necklace
Zara Embellished Sandals
Chanel Classic Handbag

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