Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brand Obsession: Yves Saint Laurent

Ever since Hedi Slimane took over the reins as Creative Director for Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion house has done a complete 360.  Collection after collection, Hedi delivers by injecting a breath of life, youth and practibility into the brand.  From large statement bow collars to supple leather jackets, I am officially obsessed with it all.  Not to mention the Cassandre collection that has easily become one of the most sought out hangbags of the year!  Below are a few of my picks and lust list items.  Trying hard not to shop, but my knees are getting weak for that amazing quilted flap bag...



  1. LOL If you're trying hard not to shop, then I need your bank account :D

    I am obsessed with everything that YSL has ever made especially with vintage yves saint laurent and even with the original YSL Rouge Purs.

    1. I agree, thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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