Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unpredictability, my new Best Friend

Our re-enactment of the original bunny photo below

The one thing I had to learn to accept rather quickly with Motherhood is that unpredictability is your new best friend.  For a perfectionist like myself, you can imagine how big of a nightmare this was to digest.  Throw planning, scheduling and organizing out the window because at any given time anything and everything can happen to ruin all of your hard work and efforts.  You eventually learn that this is the new norm and that certain things are just out of your control. 

Case in point - family/maternity photo session.  Sounds pretty simple right  Book a photographer, plan a few outfits, choose a location, show up and smile! You would think...

The first challenge was not being able to secure a photographer.  After a few attempts, I thought hmm...who needs a Photographer?  We can just capture these moments by ourselves (I blame this decision and cloudy judgment on baby brain).  The second challenge came in the form of a missed nap.  Little Ally Rose, who had been putting down 3 hour naps for the past month decides to forego sleep on the day of the shoot.  The third challenge was a complete outfit malfunction...because everything stretches and becomes way too thin when your pregnant.  All challenges aside, we made it happen.

The funny thing about unpredictability is that it makes for the best memories.  Somehow we managed to get a few decent shots despite all the chaos and challenges.  Now, every time I look back at any of these photos, I can't help but smile because of Ally's grumpy expressions or the fact that we asked random strangers for help.  What made it even more special are the tender moments that daddy was able to capture of his girls.  So, I guess sometimes unpredictability isn't so bad. 

Don't be fooled by social media because it makes everything look so perfect.  We got so many compliments on the photos I posted, I'm sure people assumed we had them professionally done.  In reality, we were a hairline away from one of the most disastrous days.  Motherhood realness - nothing is perfect and you learn to roll with the punches.  Live in the moments and enjoy the memories because in the end, that's all you have. 

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